VR Levitator™

"Ridiculously Comfortable" VR

3 Ways to Humanize Your VR Experience:


Shifts most of the cantilevered mass away from the face, and distributes it evenly across the head using the ConformaFlex™ technology that evenly conforms to any head, no matter how wonky your head is shaped.


Unlike foam this fills every light-leaking depression, without inducing pressure points, and perfectly redistributes any face-pressure according to Pascal's law  ... thanks, Pascal!  An airbed for your face!

EasyFit Convenience

Improve fit with our 1-handed adjustment capability, and interact with others using the "goggles-up" mode. 

Cutaway: Ribbing, Breathability, and Cantilever-springs
Cutaway: Ribbing, Breathability, and Cantilever-springs

Weightless VR

Every head is shaped differently, so when we set out to create a sleek conformal solution that worked with every head we had to think out of the box.


The result is a patent pending system that flexes dramatically to evenly distribute the cantilevered mass of a VR display across the top of any head, in a way that the entire VR experience feels almost weightless over time.


An adjustable counter-weight on the backside is also cantilevered to keep the headset from moving forward which adds negligible weight and improves the experience even more.  It also doubles as a battery boost for untethered VR (smartphone-based VR for example).


An airbed for the face


Literally an airbed for your face for maximum comfort and maximum immersion.  Patent pending.


Comfort: The microfiber covered air-filled interface equalizes pressure and form as it fits perfectly into you unique bone structure.


Immersion: Encapsulated Air.  Nothing else comes close to insuring isolation from your external environment without the pressure points that result from inferior materials (like foam).



Note, we are developing this solution to adapt to all VR solutions, including Tethered PC-based VR as well as Google Cardboard headsets.

EasyFit Convenience

One handed adjustment capability means just that.  No more fiddling with velcro straps, loosening then tightening both sides to get them just right.  One hand is all you need to pinch together the fitting bars which allow you to adjust the size, let go and it locks in place.


Goggles-up mode is exactly just that.  This is a capability most VR goggles intuitively make possible, resting the goggles against the forehead.  We make it better by allowing this to happen with only one hand (so you can put both VR controllers in one hand and lift with the other), while the ConformaFlex assembly keeps hair out from mucking up the optics.


Also patent pending.